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Autoportrait orange

samedi 21 avril 2007

Mercredi dernier au Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris.

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  • Orange self-portrait 22 avril 2007 20:40, par Babs

    I love this image Flo !
    Very creative !

    Also, thanks so much for adding me to your links ! Appreciate it !

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    • Orange self-portrait 22 avril 2007 22:00, par Florence

      Thank you, and you’re welcome =D

      I can see why you were having trouble with posting a comment, the page looks weird in English, I’ll try and fix it.

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  • Orange self-portrait 23 avril 2007 06:34, par Lynnie

    Flo that is you ! I saw this in the ab/con doors thread and was wondering if that was you in the photo, cooool photo !! I love the latest works you’ve been posting, gorgeous compositions and the colors are wonderful !!

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  • Orange self-portrait 25 avril 2007 02:15

    I keep looking at this image, and I think it would be so cool if you printed it and incorporated it into a collage.I love it !

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    • Orange self-portrait 26 avril 2007 10:04, par Florence

      Thank you Babs, why not ? For the moment I’m only using painted papers in my collages, because photos tend to intimidate me. I am going through a very abstract period and having figurative elements in the collage wouldn’t fit, I think. But who knows.

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