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mercredi 2 mai 2007

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  • Afloat 2 mai 2007 21:34, par Babs

    This is a beautiful scene,especially the rock/water area.
    But OMIGOSH,,,,,,how many times I’d like to have done that with my computer when having tech issues !
    Where was this taken ?

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    • Afloat 2 mai 2007 22:08, par Florence

      Thank you, and LOL, I hadn’t seen it that way but it’s SO true ! I took this during that walk along the Marne river I was telling Lynnie about.

      You know, you should put your blog’s URL in the hypertext link box ;-)

      Lien : Babs’ blog

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      • Afloat 3 mai 2007 02:27, par Babs

        Thank you Flo,,,about the url. I just stumble around, you know, and hadn’t noticed it. %-)

        What a place you must live in,,,,sigh, maybe some day. Have been to Europe only once, and never made it to France, if you can imagine ! Have you been to the States ?

        Lien : http://wilsonart-babs.blogspot.com

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        • Afloat 3 mai 2007 13:52, par Florence

          Yes, several times, but i’ve seen only a tiny bit of it : New York, San Francisco, Miami. Oh, and Boulder, Colorado :-)

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  • Flottement 5 mai 2007 13:16, par dette

    chavais pas k ca flottait ? :))

    Lien : glup

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  • Flottement 23 juillet 2007 15:53, par Michelle

    Ah j’espère ne pas en arriver à ces extrémités ! ;-)

    Lien : Cmicblog

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  • Flottement 25 septembre 2009 13:01, par Christophe Bergé

    Une photo qui fustige le non respect de la nature !

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